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Monday 26 November 2007

November Haiku

The warm pretty quilt
On my half-empty bed covers
icy long ago dreams.


Anonymous said...

Hello again!

My friend Edi thinks that I should show you my Haiku. When I read yours I liked it very much! SO, I spoke one right away. Edi wrote it down, she thought you might tell me if it was a good try!

The bed is now cold
Passionate flames extinguished
By unspoken words

I am going to try some more writing. It is helpful reading many blogs by writers.

~^0-0^~ Poon

Polly said...

MMMM Marjo! And look, you are inspiring others!

I will say it's a good try, Poon!

Anonymous said...

I agree with my friend Polly, Poon. Indeed your haiku is at least as good as mine. I am still very new to them myself ; -)
You must tell soon where in the world you are, Poon..and what your mother tongue is(?).

Anonymous said...

Hello again,

Thanks to you! I have tried some more Haiku. (Ha, ha, there is a rhyme). I have another one for you at the end.

I am from the Yunnan Province where there are many cultures represented but now I am in Canada for school. Edi says to tell you mine is a mixture of “dialects”. In my great great grandfather’s time this made trading easier but that is another story.

I have been studying for exams in but I wrote this:

The blossom blushes
Fragrant anticipation
A sun-drenched, first kiss

Edi thinks I am a romantic dreamer but that is okay because she is too! Ha Ha.

~^0-0^~ Poon

Marjolaine Hébert said...

Hello Poon,

Yunnan is diverse in its natural setting, perfect for a writer of Haikus! I genuinely enjoyed this last one you have posted here - it's lovely. If I were you, I would not use the comma though. The words stand very well on their own.

Keep on writing,