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Sunday 17 December 2017

un souhait

a wish for my world this season...

acrylic on masonite: M.Hébert

Monday 27 July 2015

Telling Stories

ImagInatIon is safe & sound! and my faith in human connection feels restored when I watch Thomas's video...

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Oh Canada...

...our home and faithful land!

Let's reclaim what is ours.
photo: M. Hébert

Saturday 27 June 2015

Words that have influenced me 2014-2015

Oryx and Crake                                             Margaret Atwood
Late Nights on Air                                        Elizabeth Hay
The Trouble with Alice                               Olivia Glazebrook
Flaubert's Parrot                                          Julian Barnes
The Little Prince                                           François de Saint Exupéry
Midnight's Children                                     Salman Rushdie
The Gendarme                                              Mark T. Mustian
Brave New World                                        Aldous Huxley
Century of the Self                                      Transcripts
Casa Azul                                                        Laban Carrick Hill
Postcard Fictions                                          Andrew Valko/Michelle Berry/R. Enright
The Artist's Way                                           Julia Cameron
Finding Water                                               Julia Cameron
Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom     Dr. Christine Northrup
L'Étranger                                                     Albert Camus
Les jeux sont faits                                        Jean-Paul Sartre
Les hirondelles de Kaboul                         Yasmina Khadra
Vendredi                                                        Michel Tournier
Tous les secrets de l'avenir                      François Taillandier
Mademoiselle J.-J.                                        Louise Turcot
Le coupeur de têtes                                    Nadine Mackenzie
Le cadavre dans la glissoire                     Francine Pelletier
Souris !                                                           Raina Telgemeier
Maxime                                                          Denis Côté
Les enfants de la liberté                            Marc Levy
Nuit fatale : Dorothy Wilton, à bord du Titanic  Sarah Ellis
Le Mystère du jeune pharaon                  McConnell/Bouchereau
Le Magicien                                                   Vivianne Julien
Un duel, un duo                                             Lorraine Pilon
c'était un 8 août                                            alain m. bergeron
Les géants soumarins                                  collection Enquête
The Pearl King                                               Catherine Greenwild
Correct in this Culture                                 Victor Jerrett Enns
In Cannon Cave                                             Carole Galsser Langille
morning in the burned house                   Margaret Atwood
Soul pleureur                                                Louise Fiset
Un thé dans la toundra                               Joséphine Bacon
Creative Paint Workshop                          Ann Baldwin
Painted Pages                                                sarah ahearn bellemare
Art Making Collection & Obsessions      Lynne Perrella
Cutting Edges                                                gestaltan
Collage Unleashed                                       tracibautista
Collage Lab                                                    Bee Shay
Mixed –media Collage                                Holly Harrison
1000 Artist Trading Cards                        Patricia Bolton, editor
Creative Stamping with mixed media techniques   sherill kahn
New PaperCrafts                                           various
Collage & Altered Art                                   Roni Johnson
Journal Revolution                                       Linda Woods/Karen Dinino
Artist's Journal Workshop                         Cathy Johnson
The Art of Vintage Journaling/Collage   Maryjo Koch/Sunny Koch
Mixed-media Collage Jewelry                    Janette Schuster
Art Quilt Maps                                               Valerie S. Goodwin
Stitched Postcards                                        edited by Christa Rolf
Stitched Textile Collage                               Lucille Toumi
Collage Cards                                                  various

My best English read, I would say was `Late Nights on Air`, and my favourite French piece was definitely « Les hirondelles de Kaboul ». And, of course, the stories I transcribe related to human rights and wrongs always touch me in a profound way...

Tuesday 16 June 2015


Tuesday 9 June 2015

Le départ

Quelle est la couleur de mes jours, tu me demande ? Depuis que tu es parti ils sont sans couleur... celle des foins séchés au soleil sévère, du fourrage pour le bétail à l'odeur de la terre moisie - oui, c'est ça : mes jours ensevelis, ils attendent que tu vienne les déterrer et leur donner de la couleur aussi vif que le soleil rose-orange qui se couche sur le champ d'aôut.

Saturday 6 June 2015

“If you’re not writing, you’re not usually in a good space,” he says of his 
drive to create. “Everyone should write. And I find that I just forget everything 
that I’ve ever learned if I don’t put it down on paper.”

Thursday 4 June 2015

Why do some birds walk?

What makes C.R. Avery an essential artist is that he is irreplaceable . He is more than poet or beat boxer, more than writer or singer or piano man, more than visual artist; he is all of these things, and when he brings it together, his shared vision is one I would feel lesser for missing out on... I have my ticket for this Saturday and my boots have been spit-shined, so I'm ready for Avery's latest adventure!

Wednesday 27 May 2015

The Barrens

In the barrens
Nothing grows
But silence.

Roots can't find
Their way
Through crusted earth,

Skin so thinned
It's thick with armour -
Spring buds locked beneath

The invisible, impassable,
Where no sun or rain
Can find them.

The arctic tundra,
Quiet, desolate,
beautifully barren.

My womb is barren
Also, where In the dark
things grow unreserved.

Fighting their way through
Thick, obstinate walls with
Corkscrew determination.

No seeds no fish no buds 
It mothers and feeds
And imagines beauty.

Saturday 23 May 2015

J'ai fais mon premier souhait de la saison sur un pissenlit en graines aujourd'hui. Les boulevards en débordent de petites fleurs jaunes et de graminées et de souhaits à souffler...

Allez, soufflez.

Monday 18 May 2015

The Empire

To Exterminate
armenians led to the desert
to die
100 years ago   now
no one came     no one stopped it
1.5 million tortured
raped starved   finally to rest
in their blood  and excrement    waiting
for death       asking

it was a quiet little genocide
one hundred years to remember
one hundred years to forgot

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Bog Girl, without the mud and in a calmer place...

photo: S. James