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Friday, 23 July 2010


He saw her standing at the bus stop one day. It took his breath away, after all those years of wondering what ever happened ..., yet there she was. All he had to do was cross the street and all his wondering would be over. He would ask her why she left. And just like in his day dreams, she would tell him that she never really did. She had to leave, she would say, but she hadn't left him. Hadn't he inquired after her, known it was to her dying father's bedside in Alsace that she had gone? All he had to do now was get his feet to obey. All he had to do was step off the curb so he could hear her say these words. 

POST 501 :-)


Anthony Duce said...

Enjoyed the moment expressed here. Thanks

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Such a hard thing to do anyway! Loved this. :)

Tim, Lisa, Trenton, and Grant said...

Bring me a flag from Manitoba. Do you miss the Jets?