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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Seven years ago, I was his June Carter in a tribute band. It was such a blast! After hours spent in a basement daily, trying to give his talent justice, I would come home and listen to his newest recordings. They touched me deeply, and my respect & fondness for him only grew. Sadly, he would leave us that same August.

He left so much behind though. This is the piece I listen to most often, his rendition of Nine Inch Nails,"Hurt" . . .                                         ..press play & you will be redirected to You Tube..


Oddyoddyo13 said...

I couldn't see the video-but I'm sure it was an amazing song. So sad to lose such talent.

stuart said...

Ah, Johnny what a final public message this song - and the collection of songs which comprise his final album - is. For so long, Johnny Cash was for me a part of the "otherness" of American Country and Western musicians and performers, which is to say he was an iconic part of a (very large) cultural group for which I had no affinity or understanding and, in fact, a group against which I was unfairly prejudiced. For him to interpret and record - as only he could - a song from NIN, a group, I believed to be musically and culturally as far from his world as I could imagine(how wrong I was to think this!)was more than simply surprising. It was eye-opening to me. Johnny Cash was a musician first, and always, long before he was part of the theatre of country and western music. He wrote and performed his own and others' music simply because the songs had value and meaning to him. In the end, he showed us just what an artist is and does: an artist follows his or her muse, wherever it takes them.
Thank you for sharing him with us.

BonHomme Sept Heures said...

One of my favorite.
I needed this Today !!