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Sunday 19 October 2008


part vii:
The seat across the aisle from Jean had become available and Marjory scooted herself in while asking her old companion, with some sense of urgency in her voice, about Adam. But with every inhalation Jean took in preparation to reply, Marjory came back with another question until Jean just wasn’t sure what to say anymore.

The two women faced each other now in an awkward silence which Marjory clearly felt an obligation to fill.

My son is gay now, you know, were the words that flew out of her mouth. It was announced with such ceremony as to impart on the passengers some need to look around them, awaiting this gay son to pop out of an imaginary curtain and announce, Ta-da!

Before the many pairs of eyes-and lost for words-Jean heard herself say, Well now, how nice for you...

What a silly-ass thing to say! she thought to herself, no longer knowing where to avert her eyes.

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