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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

about A man

"It was just a dream.":

In the distance was a shadow. Aldonza thought she saw his horse halt. After a moment, she beheld the two figures riding towards her. Quixano got off his high horse and approached the lady with the perfect pear. He bequeathed her with a smile and took the pear from her hand. Aldonza stepped towards the man, "You have returned for me, Quixano?" But the man tilted his head as though he had never before heard uttered the name she called him now. He bit from the ripe fruit until there was nothing left but the strings that keep the sweet nectar together. These, he deposited into her open hands, mounted his nag and rode off in his heavy armor.

Aldonza awakens, drenched in tears and sweat, and looks about her. She was lying in a field of wheat. "It was just a dream. It was just a dream...a dream," she sighs with great relief, "Just a dream.

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