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Monday, 30 December 2013

Words that have influenced me: 2013

An Object of Beauty                                Steve Martin
Interviewing Matisse or The Woman wh-Lily Tuck
The Art of Racing in the Rain                Garth Stein
Waiting for Joe                                        Sandra Birdsell
Await Your Reply                                    Dan Chaon
The Beginner's Goodbye                       Anne Tyler
The Age of Hope                                     David Bergen
Time is a River                                        Mary Alice Monroe
Oryx and Crake                                       Margaret Atwood
Midnight's Children                                Salman Rushdie
Manitowapow                                          Niigan James Sinclair/Warren Cariou
Casa Azul                                                  Laban Carrick Hill
Évangeline                                               Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
When Earth Leaps Up                            Anne Szumigalski
Undone                                                     Sue Goyette
Concrete and Wild Carrot                      Margaret Avison
White Song                                              Susan Maeder
Bowling Pin Fire                                      Andy Quan
Botero's Beautiful Horses                      Jan Conn
The Woman Downstairs                         Julie Bruck
Nuns Looking Anxious ...                        Helen Humphrey
Ghost Country                                         Steve Noyes
Raising Roger                                          Carrie Walker-Jones
The Zoomer Philosophy, vol. i               Moses Znaimer
A Child's Christmas in Newfoundland  Lisa Moore
Prairie Fire, vol 34/no.3                        Birk Sproxton: A Tribute
Semantic Antics                                       Sol Steinmetz
How to Write a Sentence                       Stanley Fish
Searchlights and Sunglasses                  Eric Newton
The Art Therapy Sourcebook                Cathy A. Malchiodi
The Artist's Way                                       Julia Cameron
Finding Water                                           Julia Cameron
Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom    Dr. Christina Northrup
Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers     Dr. Karyl McBride
Journal revolution: rise up and create! Linda Woods
Artist's Journal Workshop                      Cathy Johnson
The Art Journal Workshop                      Traci Bunkers
Writing Away: a creative guide to awak-Lavinia Spalding
Journaling a Pathway Through Grief    Wendy Dean
Spiritual Journaling: writing your way to ind.     Julie Taillard Johnson
Visual Chronicles: the no-fear guide to-Linda Woods
Green Eggs and Ham                              Dr. Seuss
The Big Green Book of Beginner Books Dr. Seuss
The Book of Spells                                  Peter Scholtz
Les six degrés du désir                          Marc Fisher
Portrait d'un inconnu                             Nathalie Sarraute
Il était arrivé  quelque chose                 choisies par Christian Poslaniec
Le passager                                             Patrick Senécal
j'ai tué emma s.                                        Emma Santos
La poésie des origines à 1715               Armand Colin
Pas si bête                                                 Philippe Béha
Souris !                                                      Raina Telgemeier
La rentrée de Lili Graffiti                        Paula Danziger
Fonchito y la luna                                    Mario Vargas Llosa

When I post these lists, as I flow in the plethora of words and stories that have accompanied me through my year, I get a feeling of fullness and a vital connection with my world, past and present.
         And to these written words I must add those I hear through earphones, oral stories transcribed, that teach me and touch me like no others...