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Thursday, 13 June 2013

When in doubt... PLAY !

At 37 years old, Carl Jung became disoriented and entered a phase of fertile confusion. Smack in the middle of his disorientation, an inner voice called him out on his integrity. 
And here’s the take-away: How Jung found his way out of that disorientation could be an example to any of us who at times doubt our artistic and entrepreneurial role in the world, who doubt our own integrity, or who hit a creative impasse.

Young turned to stone. That is, he played his way out of his deep confusion by playing with stones. The building led him to drawing and painting. He realized he wasn't "doing" psychology or psychotherapy. The former protégé of one founder of modern psychology was "doing art."
"This sort of thing has been consistent with me and at any time in my later life when I came up against a blank wall, I painted a picture or hewed a stone. Each such experience proved to be a rite d'entre for the ideas and works that followed hard upon it." - Carl Jung
When Jung hit a wall, he didn't get blocked. He created into and through the block. Jung's experience is consistent with what psychologists and neuroscientists keep reaffirming about the way we human beings learn, ideate, and create.

Go to The Creativity Post for the full article


Anthony Duce said...

Enjoyed... Good timing.. I need to find a few rocks:)

Marjolaine Hébert said...

I'm glad. Let's go collect ourselves a pailful or five, kay?!