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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Life, with or without me

Academia was not founded with the creative in mind; its walls rigid & structured, it's no place for an artist - or an Einstein for that matter. My environment and life experiences have not made of me a believer of academia; I'm perfectly pleased with my autodidactic choices. As it turned out, making money in the business world (but you can retire with a full pension in just four years! what-are-you-thinking-marjo?) did not fulfill me either.

At forty I came to realize just how important it was to spend my brief time on Earth doing what I like and care about, aware that life should be tangible, and joy experienced at every chance. Alan Watts & I are of one mind on this... I hope you will take a moment to watch this video 


Anthony Duce said...

Enjoyed.. Thank you. I figured this out about four years ago.. But of course, I'm crazy.

Marjolaine Hébert said...

Yes, I know you did... are you calling us both crazy, then? Hmm.