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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Willy Porter

Our prairie town has the good fortune of being known for its art community and Winnipeg is often called the Cultural Capital of Canada (yes, I wear this title proudly!). This means that out of the blue we sometimes have the sweet pleasure of welcoming incredible talent who deviate from their American tour to drive north a few hours for a visit. 
I discovered Willy Porter after his first album, "Falling Forward", was produced in 1999. The rest is the typical love story between fan & musician, except that I honestly thought I would never get to meet or see him play. A small but lovely dream was realized Friday when I was wowed by a solo performance with Willy on a 9-string, using 2 capos to create a sound many bands wish they may someday accomplish.
This video is from his 2nd album, Available Light - I hope you enJoy!

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