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Thursday, 9 August 2012

- verted

To my fellow artists (part ii):

Tanya Davis' slam called , 'How to be alone', ironically made it viral on You Tube, and then came her Bravo appearance, and this year Tanya came to town. I saw her perform her poetry and songs several weeks ago. Quietly, sincerely, standing alone on stage she said:

"...  why do I choose to be standing here being vulnerable for a living..."

I smiled. I was reminded of a moment I shared with my mother as we sat outside the theatre where I'd studied my first three years of acting nearly four decades into life. She broke the silence and said, I just don't know how they do it, getting up on stage in front of all those people... I know, I said.

This was the year after I'd had my first magic moment on stage, the one when you know you've moved the audience and they applaud you for sharing it with them. It was two years after my mother had watched me head an eight piece jazz band in a prominent city venue. So she turned to me looking confused and said, Well not you. You're not like me; you're not shy or afraid of crowds. Yes I am, I said. She didn't understand and I didn't have the words then to explain. Maybe I couldn't explain it to myself. I had yet to leave my green cubicle...

Being solitary is so vital to our creativity, making most artists introverts. And where others look, we see.  We pay attention to the world around us and report back with the images, sounds, and words we carry within us, breaking through our fear of sharing because we must. And I know the world is a better place for it.

To you who think being introverted is a bad word, think again. Be proud of your rich inner life. And to you who are afraid of sharing your unique creativity (For me, still a work in progress!)? Find a way to feel safe and share your magic with the world! It's important.

This is a Ted talk on introverts i found well worth watching. I hope you enJoy! And should you have the urge to share your thoughts, I hope you'll feel safe to do it here. 



Mathil Kuiper said...

Thank you for sharing this video who came today on my path. I just wonderd if it was a am anti social to love quietness, stillness so that I can listen to my intuition. So that I can write and do much more. This video brings me more acceptation, also becouse of friends wants me to activate me to socialize. I feel social, though on my own way. Have a great day, La Charpente :-)

Marjolaine Hébert said...

I'm so glad you came across this site today, Tilly. It sounds like it was a positive experience, which is what I always hope for!
Thank you