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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Message in a bottle ...

This evening, I sent out into the wilds (of this city) a personal message in a bottle. And once the very long scroll has been filled with messages that people wish to share with their fellow man, the bottle will be returned to its place of creation. At least, that's the plan - and I have faith.

This is a very exciting project which took place last Thursday evening as part of The Artwell Network's first Public Art event! This is a network of artists, art therapists and therapists, who believe in the connection between Art and Wellness. And I am thrilled to announce  that I am now a member of their board; I look forward to sharing further the healing powers (and magic!) of ART.


Anthony Duce said...

A great idea, both the bottle and the network group… the mix of art and healing.

Marjolaine Hébert said...

Thanks, Anthony. And I agree!

norton said...

Congratulations. I cannot imagine amore worthy person to the Artwell Board.

And the bottle idea is simply perfect.