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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

To my Green Light people...thank you

Julia Cameron calls them "crazy-makers" and I call them that also, those negative influences that serve no valuable part in helping me grow, create, and become who I'm intended to be.
Brad Morden calls them his "red light" people. They are those in our world who, without invitation - and often without meaning to - stop us in our tracks and succeed at getting us to listen to our censors, those impish voices that all too willingly speak up and remind us of all that we can't and shouldn't do. Creating is all fine and good, they say, but ...
Listening to Brad's piece at the Winnipeg Slam this evening, I felt a little less alone when he shared this piece written about and for his "green light" people. I hope you enJoy .



Elisabeth said...

Inspirational. Thanks. I need to remind myself of this as well, this need for more green lights and fewer of the reds.

Marjolaine Hébert said...

We all need reminders, at times more so than at others! Thanks for sharing.