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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Bicycle Diaries

Laura was leaving this weekend. Her first long-haul bike trip since...well, it had been a while. She’d been working hard toward this goal, prepping her broken body for months now. For a long time after the accident all she could hope for was healing. And healing did come, though much more slowly than she had envisioned.
What she hadn’t foreseen was what happens to a girl made to spend all those weeks in bed. Time forced Laura to look closely at her life and where she found herself in it. She discovered she hadn’t really been in it for quite some time now. 

photo: R. Markham

Grappling with this, and eventually finding Laura, turned out to be the more important of things needing resurrection. She was mostly at peace and feeling confident these days though they weren't entirely free of fear. Laura would take it one step at a time. Tuesday: laundry night.

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Bonhomme Sept Heures said...

I'm Glad Laura is Finding Herself !! And Laundry Nights Are Good For The Soul !!