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Sunday 26 February 2012

Painting is an attempt to come to terms with life. 
There are as many solutions as 
there are human beings.


Unknown said...

Having just come in from my walk that included a stop at Medea I cannot agree more. I was marvelling there at the wonderful artistic interpretations of prairie lands and how each felt so personal and how each was indeed beautiful.

Anthony Duce said...

Good quote.

Unknown said...

If we look at our ancestors, as far back as to their life in small bands, it seems to me that they, that we evolved to be artists as much as hunters, gatherers and so on...depicting our lives, our world, ourselves in ochre on wood and stone and skin. Such expression was just a part of everything they did.
So, we are all artists by evolution...each of us...and our actions, art.
I wonder if our modern world might not be better if we each tried, from time to time, to include this as an element of our self-perception.
Thanks for sharing this quote; thanks for sparking the thought.

Marjolaine Hébert said...

Thanks everyone for sharing.

Interesting thoughts, stuart... as for being creators, well .. the 'stats' state that more than 75% of our day is made of imagination & fiction .. so this 'imagined' life of ours may as well create positive changes!

Unknown said...

I think that's the key...translating that 75%imagination into creation and having it so integrated into our attitude, into our world that public art is everywhere...as commonplace as graffiti, sandcastles at the beach, snowmen, customized cars...and our humanity is expressed individual by individual, like a tremendous global canvas.
I'm being dreamy but I think it's about the impact of such an attitude on our collective state of mind...everyone matters.