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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Brussel Sprouts

part v:

Spring is here! The Brussel Sprouts is sprouting joy, and the elm trees are sprouting green. She watches squirrels chase each other through a labyrinth of boughs as the mating game begins. She buries herself in the sunroom sofa soaking up rays of sun, scratching away words on paper. This is where she most likes to write, in the yellow room in the trees.

Sometimes, this is also where she warms her vocal chords. And in the sunroom to her right, one floor up, the Wat--men’s vocalist warms his up for the evening concert. With some of these fourteen windows now open, she comes to discover her life among artists, and she is pleased. A piano plays to the north, and to the east, evening brings the sound of a bagpipe. Loulou sings above her. And across the hall Chris paints another canvas beautiful.

Jack may not fit the title of artist but he does love his music, and his writing is progressing nicely. This, he shares with her regularly. Jack pumps up the volume of the soundtrack to “Oklahoma” that she ordered special for him. And though she is anything but a morning person, she smiles when Jack wakes her specially to the sounds of, “Oh what a beautiful morning..”He does this to lift her spirits; he does this to thank her for finding an album he thought forever lost.

Spring brings bags of herbs waiting on her door knob when she arrives. Spring spreads hope enough that she tries her off-green thumb on some flower seeds she purchases at The Green Scene. The neighbours' doors are opening, their invitations flow. Brussel Sprouts is celebrating, and she is grateful for her new home.

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norton said...

Community! A wonderful place this Brussels Sprouts.