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Saturday, 10 September 2011

both sides, now

when i look at clouds, which i always do, for many decades now Joni's words are the ones that accompany my sky-gazing. and with my sky-gazing comes the acknowledgment that everything flows, which is better received on some days than on others. i believe i've seen both sides now, though of even that i can't be certain, and, i don't know clouds at all, or life, really...or love.

thirty-five years after performing this song at Woodstock, here is the jazz singer become... enJoy!


Unknown said...

Joni has been about my favourite, most admired singer, musician and writer. I think this song, though performed by her so differently now than when she was young(reflective, subdued, moody, but just as heartfelt) still speaks to me as when I first heard it; the point, for me, is not to really know life or love, but to TRY to know them. Our understanding of love, of life must change as we experience both, as life and love opens and closes, shifts and turns, changes colour for us continuously over the course of our lives.
So, Joni's lovely, mature, but still-wondering expression of this song so many years later simply confirms my belief. The song she sings now, like life and love, is the same, but different, and still wonderful and wonder full.
And I think, now, that it's a good time to go out and look at the moon.

Marjolaine Hébert said...

enjoy the moon tonight, stuart, while the sky is clear... the full moon forecast calls for cloud cover, with a the grey water balloons come undone ... ;)

Anthony Duce said...

I enjoyed this so much. I have always been a fan. I still listen to the original version a lot while painting, the version included in one of the album covers she painted so long ago. The song seems to have so much more power now. Thank you

Marjolaine Hébert said...

The version I own, Anthony, is the original one - on the original LP, no less! But she somehow managed to make it better over the years, didn't she?
That's a good omen to all artists..