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Monday, 3 January 2011

I usually begin my year with both feet planted firmly on the ground and knowing what my destiny looks like. In the very least, when I am feeling blinded, I can catch a whiff of it and follow the aroma down its path. This year is clearly not usual since I can neither see nor smell, nor feel the path beneath my feet.

It's a scary thing not to feel grounded. I suspect most of us do want to feel control over our lives, but I think that when one is dealt a big blow to the heart, remembering where we left the car keys seems like work enough without worrying about how to leave our mark in this world. At least it's how it is for me.

And so I will begrudgingly accept a temporary fate of taking the time to dust myself off. But I will do my best to keep my eyes open in the hope that I won't miss what life has yet to show me. 

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Anthony Duce said...

The approach it seems has merit. Not all years start the same. There is always promise toward the new, whereas the past is what it is. Do you best… You won’t miss a thing.