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Friday, 7 January 2011



The birth was a difficult one. She wasn't prepared for the pain. She had done all of the right things, eaten the right foods, slept, exercised, and even prayed once. But here she was alone in this hospital room in excruciating pain that seemed relentless.  She heard their whispers, the doctor and her midwife. The way they smiled at her afterwards, the pity in their eyes made her heart race and her eyes swell. She knew something was wrong.

AHHHHHHHH! It screamed from deep within her, a within she didn't know she had. Please be okay, please be okay. This is what she kept repeating to herself when the pain wasn't taking away all ability to think or wish. But when the pain struck, there was only the now. And it was a now she wanted no part of.


Anthony Duce said...

This is very good. Birth has been described to me before, in fact a number of times, each time reaffirming why I’m a man.

Marjolaine Hébert said...