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Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Standing beneath the awning of the local café, she waits for the rain to subside. But soon the rain comes down in sheets, walls from a heaven bursting at the seams. The thunder rumbles as she looks up to the sky. It is showing off tonight, the pomp of prairie lightning streaks the South and East and Western skies.

She smiles. She is at peace only when surrounded by chaos, it seems, as if then there is no need for inner storms. Seven minutes, it will last. She remains outside and outside herself, allowing the tension to melt away and make its way to the gutter below.

The muddled voice of a man offering an umbrella, she realizes she has stepped out from under her cover. She shakes her head no, smiles, conceding to the warm, celestial shower that continues to flood her with relief.


stuart said...

very nice ... you very simply captured the sense of release and relief that one can experience when they give themselves up to the elements ... as i read, i immediately experienced the rain coursing down my face, washing away the old, tired dust of daily life, happy for the sense of simple freedom one can gain when we stop protecting ourselves from the universe, when we relax and simply feel ... perhaps that's not your meaning, but, as in all forms of art, your words, because they show, because they invite, because they reveal, permit the reader's own experience to shape an understanding that's true to them, true for them ... thank you for this lovely, brief scene.

Marjolaine Hébert said...

Thank you Stuart..I glad you liked it.

Anthony Duce said...

Liked your words a lot. the thoughts were so familiar to how I feel in the rain. Thanks

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I love how realistic that was. The scene was so vivid-the internal sunshine very strange in comparison to the rain. :)