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Wednesday, 18 August 2010


How does one go about the process of healing? And, can all things be healed, be mended? DOES ANY ONE OUT THERE HAVE THE ANSWER?! NO? Oh. Alright. Well then ..

Healing. Hmm..
Healing is dilatorily painful. First, one must accept the pain. Live with it. Listen to it. And never, ever scream at it because it will only grow in size and become unmanageable. The tumour will grow and become infected and infectious and will soon appear unrecognizable. So please, remain patient and kind and soothing at all times. And then, wait. And wait

If you're lucky, and follow the steps above, the healing can sometimes be gentle. If you're less fortunate and impatient with the scourge, harmony will be more difficult to attain, and an intervention may become necessary.


Unknown said...

good advice ... thank you ... = :>)

Anthony Duce said...

I like the writing here and agree the answer is no. I don’t think healing takes place. The choice isn’t to heal, it’s what comes along to distract, to take our thoughts somewhere else. Given enough time, the distractions multiply.

Bonhomme Sept Heures said...

:-) Healing. Hmm
Love That Concept !!
I guess i'm one of the
Lucky ones !!


Oddyoddyo13 said...

I loved the mixture of poetry, advice, and humor in this one. :)