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Thursday, 3 June 2010


Imagine a boy. The boy is sitting by a stream. The stream rushes shadowed blue water. It gurgles and dances past rocks big and small.

The boy is sitting in the green grass by the stream, lost in little boy fantasies, whatever those may be. Suddenly the grass moves, and moves again. The boy inhales, forgetting to release his breath back toward the stream. Is it magic grass, he wonders?

Ribbitt, ribbitt, says the grass as the boy’s ears stand to attention. Rrriiibitt!

Imagine the curious boy’s face when a mossy coloured frog leaps into his lap as if to say, Helloooo... Can you hear the boy giggle?


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Yes, I can.

This was beautiful.

stuart said...

imagine the boy? I AM the boy! = :> ) Seriously: lovely, fun, exciting, mysterious, images of innocent and natural curiousity. Made me smile