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Friday, 1 January 2010

God might not play dice with the universe, but . . .

So this is how it is. I throw out many balls into the universe and wonder and wait to see which ones will come back to me. I do my best to fill each one with a genuine wish, a piece of me. That way, those few that I get back will be embraced and nurtured and enjoyed.

It appears, based on the balls tossed back to me in the past year, that the universe is persuading me to teach. The letter that S wrote me the first week of 2009 was much more prescient than I ever imagined it to be. I am teaching - oh am I teaching! - and learning (though mostly about how to help others learn).

My structure (its charpente, you know?) still needs work though. And more importantly, it requires an ‘energy savings plan’ so that I can find the very necessary time I need to feed my artist child. That hasn’t yet happened and this is how I know that my life needs an alignment.

So this is how it is, how I live my life playing ball with the universe, toss & catch & toss & ca . . . oops! I missed that one.

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finish-ed. said...

The universe is always a better juggler than we are, isn't it? And he always knows how to throw a curve ball when we least expect it.