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Monday, 12 October 2009


According to an I.R.C. study, 5.4 million people have lost their lives in the Congo since 1998. Another 2 million Congolese remain internally displaced, and conflict continues. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Rwandan rebel forces, Congolese army soldiers and their allies continue to commit mass rapes on Congolese women, who are then often victimized a second time when their husbands abandon them, wanting no further contact with victims of rape.

Women for women is one organization who is providing help and life skills to these too often neglected victims of war. To see their changed lives, new hope and smiling faces immediately put a smile on my face. And I felt compelled to share their challenges with you this Thanksgiving.

To have a reason to give thanks is a wonderful thing, but I also know that providing someone else with a reason to be grateful truly fills the heart! Of course, we all have to find our own way to contribute to the global village. Sometimes, we don't even have to leave our neighbourhood. What may seem insignificant to us can make a big difference to someone else's life..

Oh! And...thanks for listening :-)

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