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Thursday 1 October 2009

Just another day..

I remember now.
Cold damp days when even the sun doesn’t want to come out.
And now . . . I remember last October 1st. I can’t say for certain that it also was cold or grey, only that it felt that way. It was the death of a season, the death of Poon, the death of forever ties. And in one week, I would begin my season of Grief. How fitting that one year later, to the very day, I should be invited to read my works along with a poet who has lived a not-so-very-different mutability. This is how I hope to shed my year of Grief, next week at Aqua Books.
And then what? Two years after ‘coming to the page’ publicly on La Charpente, will I continue to share my creative ebbs and flows with you? Will Violet keep leaving her moon? What will I be writing about on the 9th?. . .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that what you write on the 9th will be done with your soul and spirit
speaking truthfully, your eyes looking ahead of you as you always, always do. Good for you for your past two years, for the amazing body of work you've presented to the world in that brief time. Yours in one of the most courageous souls ever created, a fact for which I am so very grateful.