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Friday, 18 September 2009

from inspirare: to breath:

According to 1b in the Merriam-Webster, inspiration is the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions. These days, it is an elusive and desired friend of mine. And at times like this, I can (almost) understand those creators who choose to reach out to Erato or Calliope or the like. Yes, I fear my inspiration is laying dormant these days. Hélas, grand soupir . . .

I think that the best remedy for my dearth is often another artist's abundance. Inspiration begets inspiration, and we're all in this together, aren't we? That is why I plan on celebrating Leonard Cohen's 75th birthday bash at The Beautiful Loser Festival this weekend. And it is also what had me check out a My Space page belonging to the son of a dear friend of mine.

If he's Guillaume's son, I thought to myself, he surely has some talent. Ha! Eighteen months since picking up his old man's guitar out of a closet, he has accomplished amazing things, much like my friend did all those years ago. In 1977, I ran into Guillaume and his guitar in the old halls of the College Secondaire de St-Boniface. I fell in love with his music and Guillaume & I would continue to discover the magic of music together.

What an absolute pleasure that Samuel, in 2009, would illicit that same excitement in me! I hope that you will also enJoy . . .
Je vous présente SAMUEL BOUX.


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norton said...

The gift of love is wondrous indeed. The gift of a child begot of love is most wondrous of all. But to receive a gift of emotion borne from the seed of our children and ever present in our own souls is truly a miracle. Samuel is indeed a wonderful talent.

Thank you for sharing this Marjolaine. Today of all your gift touches deeply.