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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hot Flashes

Is it necessary to go through fire in order to appreciate being alive? Or is that just something we tell ourselves in the hope that the fire will feel a touch less hot? Surely, there must be a gentler way to learn and heal and grow - I just happen to be missing an important piece of the puzzle, right?

Perhaps some day, the answer will become evident. But then again, maybe not. Life is fickle, and unpredictable. And when it comes to the really important things (like all of those heart matters), I have come to accept – well, not accept so much as realize – that I have very little control in the whole matter.

Some of us go about life aimlessly, others are always stretching the limits of what is or isn’t possible. There are times I wish I would have been born aimless and thoughtless - yes, I mean blissfully ignorant! - as I can't help but think it would be instinctual to walk around a bed of hot coals.

Well . . . after thinking it over, I have come to the conclusion that I am in serious need of some good insoles, so as to walk more safely and softly over those charring coals I so often choose to tread on my life journey. So, does anyone out there know where to find fire retardant inso[u]les?

1 comment:

rajai said...

Marjo, being one with the fire makes the need for fire-retardant inso(u)les moot.