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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Girl in the Mirror

part xii:
Because I love you ... a near whisper from Christopher.

The room was still, as if the air itself forgot to move about for a moment or two. Natasha edged toward the large picture window overlooking East Tacoma and stood staring at nothing.
When she turned, it was with an air of comprehension, the piece to a missing puzzle found. With firmness she said, You don’t know love, Christopher. If you did, you would have done everything you could to bring Steven to me. And at that, she cast him such a look that Christopher swallowed the ready words and walked to the door.

He turned before leaving, still unable to utter a sound. He knew she was right. He had been selfish, he had hurt Natasha, and now he would pay the price by losing her.


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