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Monday, 13 July 2009

The Girl in the Mirror

part xi:
Was it you, Christopher, who sent me that note?

Yes...yes, it was me. I knew that Steven was on his way and I wanted you to know I’d be here for you.

Well, you forgot to sign it, Steven says, holding Natasha and wishing he knew how to make the pain go away. You scared the shit out of her!

Oh. Oh...I...I’m sorry, Nattie.

Natasha needs to sleep, Christopher.

But she pulls herself up then. Is it true? Did you know where Steven was all this time.

Oh Nattie ...

It is...it’s true, isn’t it?
When no words return, she cries, You bastard! Why? How could you do this? Why did you keep him away?

Look, Nattie, it’s complicated, stumpled Christopher.

No it isn’t. Why, Christopher? Tell me why!


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