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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Girl in the Mirror

part ix:
Natasha and Steven sit in the two chairs near the window. It's one chair more than she thought she would use during her Tacoma trip. Coffee is ordered and the ex-lovers talk the morning away. By moments angry, others tearful, others still are filled with joy remembered from back when.

Then, when love filled her healthy body and she felt a certainty that he would forever be in her life. Then, before the man she trusted, left.

She hears his words, the sound explanation, but it’s all too surreal and the words alone won't sink in. Natasha is exhausted. Steven helps her to the bed, caressing her to sleep. She mentions the fear she felt at his unsigned letter and her restless sleep last night. What do you mean, it wasn’t you? You didn’t write the note? But, Steven, if it wasn’t you ...


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