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Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Girl in the Mirror

part vi:
Natasha has left the sanctuary of her room, made her way down to the lobby, where a boy is manning the front desk. Shouldn’t he be in school, she asks herself, but when she gets nearer, she realizes by his mannerisms and the tone of his voice that he is older than she had imagined. Now it is him who eyes Natasha oddly, which is when she realizes that she forgot to wrap something on her head before coming down.

This envelope, she begins. Do you know who delivered it to my room?

I’m afraid I don’t, ma’am.

Oh, how she hates to be called ma’am! She pretends not to mind and asks the man-boy where the letter came from. But he says he can’t help her with that either.

Well, surely ... Natasha doesn’t finish her thought. She sighs, turns around, and makes her way to the elevator across the lobby.


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