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Thursday, 30 April 2009

April has come and gone, too quickly, too quietly. Spring didn’t celebrate this year, and those of us who live on the Manitoba prairies are still in waiting, as if pacing a hospital waiting room for the birth of our beloved.

The snow exited ever so slowly that its departure is still under suspicion. It’s another sunless afternoon as I sit here, another five degree day. Winter apparel is still close at hand: scarves, gloves, a toque. Sigh.

There are however some things that don’t wait on Mother Nature to laud the seasons. One of them is Other Voices literary magazine, who just last night launched their spring edition! The site hasn’t been updated yet and I have yet to receive my brag copy in the mail, so I’ll have to go on blind faith that my name appears in the index. Interesting I should mention faith...hmm...

The ‘other voice’ not waiting for permission is May Day, that gathering of creative spontaneous outbursts of daily poetry for one month every year. I am once again very pleased to have been invited to participate! I hope you’ll join me there when you can.

I had hoped to finish my story by month end, but it would seem that The Girl in the Mirror will likely not be showing her face until June. And so, I wish you all a happy May, and I wish all of us 31 days of SUNSHINE!

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