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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The night before the morning after:

Is it really true? Another year come and gone? And is it possible I could be asking myself such cliché questions? To all three, the answer is . . . apparently so.

There are certain markers that we all measure our brief lives against, and almost all of them are associated with time. Birth and death and all of those years in between, beginnings and endings. And here is where I mark one of those endings by beginning my blog entry with,

Is it really possible?! But I think what I really mean to say with these words (this time) is Did I really make it?, spoken with a metaphorical brush of the brow. And once again, the answer is . . . apparently so.

I have lost a great many things in 2008. Rather, what I have lost was greatly meaningful to me. Midnight will not mean an end to my tears, I know, but I can hope for a few more smiles in the coming New Year, can’t I?! And, I can celebrate the successes achieved in this one, despite the punch of the un-successes.

My achievements have had nothing to do with money (in case you were wondering...). I have dared to grow as an artist and as a teacher, and my footfalls have been fruitful to both. I have also dared, in spite of my grief, to love. Like a pig in a sty, I have rolled back and forth in that messy, sticky slop, and I have lived to tell about it (though not in this forum).

And so, for daring to (despite the dirt it leaves under my fingernails) I will celebrate in my own quiet way tonight. Unless, of course . . . someone asks me dance!

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