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Monday, 27 October 2008

Post-it Life

Whole grain bread
Soy milk
Navel Oranges
Balsamic vinegar

J - call your mom!
Will you be home for dinner?

Sorry I missed you . . . Slept on the
couch last night so I wouldn't wake you.
I'm re-thinking this new job, babe ..

We need milk MiLK milKkkkkk!

I aced the math test, mom! : -)

Oh sooo proud of you, sweetie! A+! WoW!

Mommmm : what's with this soy sh*t? I need my milk!

Fish sticks (?)
Whipped cream (Will I ever see you again, John . .)

Thanks for the milk! Nyum.

You're welcome. Ever think maybe next time you can walk the two blocks...

So sorry, V. This job. What can I say.

**FAMILY SUPPER - THIS SUNDAY** everyone Please please be here, k?
I miss you.

Roast beef
Green beans
White onion
Chocolate anything

Sorry mom. Soccer practice at 4. Save me some leftovers pleeeeeese!

Dear V,
I'm so sorry - Sunday's month end, remember?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream
Lindt truffles
Old Dutch chips
Movie or

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Polly said...

Love this - micro story!