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Friday 31 October 2008


part ix:
Adam is fine. He was taking his Bachelor of Arts for a while. . . It just wasn’t his thing . . . school, and -

Oh, that’s too bad. That he gave it up, I mean. Education is so important, don’t you think? Peter went into Economics. Found himself a good position with the government. We’re very proud of him.

Jean went quiet then. It seemed that Marjory had turned their sons’ lives into a competition without explaining to Jean what the rules might be. She regretted then having accepted Marjory's invitation to tea.

And then just a month ago...out of the blue...who could have known? Marjory continued, he just ups and announces that he’s gay! Always been gay, he says. Ha ha! Can you imagine? Oh, you should have seen Michael. Besides himself, he was. Hmm... would you like a warm-up?

Jean sensed something was off in her friend’s voice. No, thanks. I’m fine. And on fine, as if on cue, Marjory began to sob.

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