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Saturday, 2 August 2008


part v
The men from the two counties quickly put their differences aside after news of the so-called 'Powderville murder' was leaked to the Canadian media within the hour.

The dead man had apparently begun his journey in eastern Alberta, though there were rumours of a side-trip to Sturgis. With an influx of half a million attendees at the annual motorcycle rally, it would take a while to sort out Richard Onge’s itinerary.

Did we get any forensics back on those tire tracks? Crier asked.

They won’t confirm anything until this afternoon, replied Pontieff, but they say we should start looking for a Triumph Daytona. ’99, possibly 2000. They’re still working on the paint fragments. It appears that the motorcycle company used this particular shade of red two years in a row.

Well, I think we’re all in agreement that the killer's a woman, right? Clearly not an assassination. Helen confirmed the first shot was in his ah. . . his groin. A revenge killing, perhaps. A woman scorned. . .

I’ll reconfirm our APB,
woman on a bike. But jesus, Crier, we got precious little to go on right now.

I know. And we have to move on this before she – presumably – leaves our radar for good. I’ll get in touch with U.S. customs and the Montana border patrols. Meanwhile, we have to put everyone we have on this one. That means no vacation time, no days off, and everyone putting in double-shifts. No one sleeps until we have the killer in custody.


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