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Friday 4 July 2008

If the queen came for tea . . .

If the queen ever came for tea, I don't think she'd have a good time. Not to mention my saucer situation. I only have 5 tea cups and 2 saucers - the others broke before I ever got these 7 pieces. I'm not sure what her favourite tea is, but I could only be relied on for chamomile. Chai if she's lucky. I prefer coffee myself, super dark beans, you know? But it's not just that. See, I can't afford a new couch right now and the holes are becoming evident. I wonder if she'd think the mice had gotten to it. I wonder if she'd sit or like, come up with a gracious reason why she can't sit. Do you think she has a mobile? Do you think she might have foreseen difficulties and had someone call her cell 10 minutes after she arrived? The 'oh my, Tommy's fallen down a well' call so she'd have an excuse to leave. And I'd let her, too, you know. I mean, I know she doesn't have a well. At least, if she does, I doubt she gets the water herself cause allot of people work for her and stuff. But IF...if she did stay ...would I put on some baroque, or classic rock, or a bit of French jig music so she can share in my heritage? No. No French jig music. The whole war thing would come up and that just might be uncomfortable. So what would we do? Watch TV? Play cards? Chat about boys? Hmm. I don't think the queen would have a good time if she ever came for tea.

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