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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

writer's block (?)

monostatic fibrous dysplasia.
oh my god! this was just too close to the bone.
breathe. just breathe. no? okaaaay.
he grabbed a bag for his hyperventilating patient. they’re only words, ms. lumack. we don’t really know anything yet. please, i..i really think you should breath now...please?
she was no good at being a patient. he was no good at being a doctor.
so they switched places.

monostatic fibrous dysplasia!
oh? well. what does that mean doctor?
well, someone else might try to minimize it by saying it’s an abnormality contained to one bone. but i’m not gonna shit with you, man. sometimes...not lots...but sometimes the exploratory surgery can find some pretty wicked-ass scary shit, you know?
oh my. well, so you think this is serious.
don’t know.
but...you just said...
hey, i’m just sayin’ it ain’t
always good news. now, shoo! i got other patients waiting.
she played a terrible doctor. he was too brave and sheepish a patient.
so what’s to be done with these characters?

tap tap tap. patients – i’m thing-king. oh, the work of a writer. too-too-too- too-doo-doo-doo-doo...too-too-too...okaaay. focus, marjo-o-o- well, i get the final word and i-i-i sssaay (insert drum roll here) they’re both fired! (the end.)



Anonymous said...

I have fibrous dysplasia as a Google alert (I have FD), so your page popped up. Did you get this diagnosis?

Marjolaine Hébert said...

Hi Dave. I haven't-at least, not really. I have been diagnosed with various fibrous conditions, and with dysplasias which is likely why I chose this as the subject matter, assuming it was as vague (initially) a diagnosis as mine had been. I suspect now that FD is much more specific & I'll be researching it. I hope I haven't offended, Dave, and please feel free to email me if you like.