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Tuesday 8 April 2008

The Artist

part iv:

Nancy didn’t hear the flight attendant at first. The moment she had boarded the plane, her thoughts were bombarded with memories of her pre-John life. She had done a good job of forgetting, she thought. Only now she couldn’t account for a missing sister.

“Ma’am? Would you like chicken or vegan?”

“No thank you.” The cart moved passed her, the brake applied with the woman’s three hundred dollar Italian pump, regulation two inch heel. Nancy had once written an article on "Life in the Skies".

The captain came on, announcing their altitude, flying conditions and estimated arrival time in Saskatoon and Winnipeg. Nancy had one more hour to get her thoughts together, although really, there seemed nothing to assemble but memories. Growing up in Winnipeg’s north-end, the life of a young girl living on the prairies during the Seventies. What was there to remember?...


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