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Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Artist

part iii:

“It’s for you.” John passed the portable to Nancy, who reached for a paper towel to wipe her mustard streaked hands.

“Richard...” Her brother-in-law had not once called Nancy in the ten years he had been with Lena. “Is everything okay? Is Lena okay?”

A silent, confused Nancy put down the phone. John hadn’t met any of his fiancée’s family yet. They were mentioned names of strangers who lived three provinces east of the island he had called home for four decades. Nancy hardly spoke of Lena, but seeing her troubled face now, John realized how easily he had dismissed her family or the life that took place before him. And so when Nancy said she had to go home in the morning – how strange those words sounded to him -- he could think of nothing to say except, Yes, of course...I’ll drive you to the airport.

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