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Thursday 6 March 2008


part iii:

Marjory was writing in her diary when Michael entered their bedroom. At first she seemed not to notice he was even there, but when he sat on his side of the bed, Marjory hugged him from behind. Michael was a sucker for her hugs. They felt like no one else’s, not that he received many others. “Do you think Peter enjoyed his birthday party?” she said.

“Are you kidding?”

“I think he had a nice time. And his friend David seems really nice, don’t you think?”

“Marjory,” Michael sighed, “Everyone left the party dripping wet with one of our towels in tow, and you’re wondering if they had a good time?”

“Oh, Michael,” was all Marjory had in response to her husband’s question. She decided he was in one his moods. “I like David. I think he’ll made a wonderful addition to our family!”

“Whoa! David is a perfect stranger, and –“

“Well, not a stranger, really...”

“And you’ve made him family already? I’m turning the light off,” Michael nearly burrowed his way under the sheets before she had a chance to say anything else that he wasn’t ready or willing to hear.

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