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Wednesday, 27 February 2008


part i:

Marjory didn’t understand why everyone was making such a fuss over her choice of birthday cake. She was certain Peter would love it. But his dad and his dad’s sister were all abuzz about what they called the implications of having a cake decorated with iced pastel butterflies. “Now he’s come out and shared his...lifestyle with us, and well--”

“Marjory, I don’t recall Pete having any attachment to butterflies.”

“I just thought it was...pretty. That’s all. Besides, Michael, the only other cake they had at the Safeway bakery had a big ole’ football sitting on top.”

“Marjory,” Michael replied, “Peter played high-school football, remember? So now we know he’s uh...he’s homo-sex-ual, well it’s no reason to go completely crazy and start buying butterfly cakes, is it?”

Sheila leant against the counter rubbing her forehead while she watched beads of sweat accumulate on her sibling’s face and neck after hearing himself say ‘homosexual’, perhaps for the first time. Poor Michael, he’s trying so hard, she thought to herself.

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