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Thursday, 27 December 2007

about A man


A Fed-Ex package arrived at my door this morning. The contents clanged about, the familiar sound of baoding balls ringing ying & yang against my chest as I signed the messenger's doo-dad thingy...but why was I receiving these balls and who had sent them?

Several days ago, I began rolling my phoenix & dragon painted baoding balls around my fingers for the first time in years, waking up with sore hands in the morning and not immediately understanding why. And for several days now, I have been wishing these baoding balls were unpainted. You see, the mere metal ones I call Chi balls, for if one's Chi is balanced, the balls will -with ease- stand one upon the other. Thumb and index finger will keep them in place, as long as one is not trying. If I force them together they will fall.

So I received some Chi balls today. They were from A man. I don't know how he found me but he did. And the attached letter made clear that he had in fact recognized himself...He is also looking for Chi, ying for yang so it would seem . How can I deny forgiveness to A man with balls of steel?


Anonymous said...

Hello again!!!!!!!!

Edi and I read with much delight your latest installment “About a Man”.

I have sent it to my sister (the one that said you must have had a sad love) she was very excited. She says you have forgiven yor true love! Is this correct???? If so, this is even better than the story of Dulcinea and Don Quixote! Have you sealed your reconciliation with a kiss???

Is your man Chinese? What has happened?

Your frined,

~^0-0^~ Poon

Anonymous said...

My grandfather used to sell Chinese "novelties" such as the Baoding balls that your man has sent you. Lin laughed when she read that!

I have written another Haiku for this occasion. I hope you like it. It is not as good as yours but I am trying!

Fear overtook him
It cannot outrun passion
Does she love him still?

Your friend,
~^0-0^~ Poon

Marjolaine Hébert said...
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