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Monday 24 December 2007

Words that have influenced me in 2007:


Marie-Louise Gay
Stella Star of the Sea
Travels With My Family

Frieda Wishinsky
A Bee in Your Ear
A Noodle Up Your Nose
Each One Special

Cary Fagan
My New Shirt
Ten Old Men and a Mouse
Directed by Kaspar Snit

Evelyn Daigle
Les Saisons des Manchots
The World of Penguins

France Adams
Les Étrangers

Roch Carrier
The Hockey Sweater
La Chasse-gallerie

Emily Pohl-Weary
Strange Times at Western High

Susan Juby
Another Kind of Cowboy

Alice Kuipers
Life on the Refrigerator Door

Paul Yee
The Jade Necklace
A Song for Ba
The Bone Collector`s Son

Anita Daher
Two Foot Punch

Maxine Trottier
Two Songs for Courage

Heather Waldorf

José Saramago
The Tale of the Unknown Island

Susan Coyle
Kingfisher Days

Robert M. Pirsig
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Polly Washburn

Ward Just

Miriam Toews
A Complicated Kindness

Yann Martel

Monique Jeannotte
Le Vent n’a pas d’écho

Guy de Maupassant
Le Horla

René Descartes
Discourse on Method

La Fontaine

Manuel/Cervantes, etal
Cuentos Españoles

Paul Woodruff

M. Scott Peck
The Road Less Travelled

The Notebooks

Douglas Glover
The Enamoured Knight

Miguel de Cervantes
La fuerza de la sangre
Don Quixote, as yet unfinished

Stephen King
On Writing

Janet Burroway
Writing Fiction

Strunk and White
The Elements of Style

Sheridan Baker
The Practical Stylist

Julia Cameron
The Artist’s Way (a never-ending read)
The Vein of Gold “ “
The Right to Write “ “

Robert Allen
A Thousand Paths to Zen

- Margaret Atwood, Ariel Gordon, Pablo Neruda, P.C. Miller: selected poems
- Slam Poetry at The Cyrk!
- Art: Andy Warhol Men
- Plays & biographies put into action
- Literacy: Writing Out Loud, and of course all of the students’ stories, some fiction, most of them non-fiction
- Stories and story-telling from my writers group
...Et Eric et moi, nous lisons les aventures de Caillou et de Benjamin, des chapeaux et des bateaux, des animaux et... de la lune et des étoiles : -)


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