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Sunday 11 November 2007

Just Another Word

part two:

Would they listen to him? Would they care about what he had to tell them? His pace had slowed now that Illaam was nearing his destination. Having escaped one danger, only now did he begin to process the consequences of what he had perhaps naively understood as saving himself. The men he ran from were only as powerful as they believed themselves to be, but the men he ran to now, feared what they did not understand and that gave them all the power in the world.

It might be more convenient for the government to throw him in jail and worry about the details later. After all, Illaam had no inside connections and accidentally thrust into a situation he wished he might awaken from, all he had to share with them were words. What were his words worth to a country who might not see past the colour of his skin, a man not native to the land he knew as his own (his only) for nine years now. And for this, was Illaam willing to sacrifice his freedom?

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