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Wednesday 3 October 2007

about A man

La cuarta parte:

Upon seeing the fair maiden frolicking in the fields, the knight restrains his white horse. She holds a lilac in her hand and she smiles to the stranger who soon removes his mask. A flicker of remembrance comes upon her and she says, You are Quixano!

The enamoured knight bows to the lovely lady and bestowing her with a perfectly ripened pear proclaims, You are mistaken, my princess! I am the Don Quixote.

She takes a bite of the fine fleshy fruit, savouring its sweet nectar. Oh, but I am not a princess, she corrects him and extends the pear to the kind man to taste.

But...Are you not Dulcinea?
My name is Aldonza, Sir.

The knight-errant mounts his nag and dashes off through the field without a farewell. Thus abandoned the lady holds sorrow in her heart for the quixotic little man who gave her a perfect pear.


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