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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

about A man

deuxième partie:

The gentleman was chivalry personified that evening he whisked her off to a French bistro in the village. The air was warm, the Moules au Pernod, delightful, the Australian Cabernet fruity and full-bodied. The promise of a second date was on the horizon when, without warning, this very same ‘gentleman’, after having consumed 2 ½ glasses of the wine, had become an egregious ass, a blatant buffoon of bad behaviour! With a few eloquent lies she made her escape, confused and disappointed and disheartened, swearing she was now officially celibate. Yes, the walk home that night was a long and lonely one, but the stars in that summer sky? She was so grateful for those stars…

object word: egregious

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